Body Part Targeting Added To Turn-Based Military RPG Long Gone Days




Long Gone Days, a turn-based RPG where players are a soldier who was trained from birth to fight, has added body part targeting to its combat.




This announcement came in a Tweet from the developer, stating. “The turn-based combat system has changed a lot since last time I posted about it.” It is not clear at this time whether this body part targeting is part of a specific ability or an aspect of normal combat.




The developer has announced that a demo is forthcoming over the next few weeks, one that will give players a chance to try out the game’s turn-based combat, as well as a sniper mode that uses its own mechanics. Players will also be able to experience the game’s morale system, wherein soldiers with low morale will not follow commands.




Long Gone Days casts players as Rourke, a soldier who abandons his post once he sees the world around him has much more to it than his life of training has shown him. The game will feature turn based combat with modern weaponry, no random encounters, and mini games/dialogues that will help players get to know the other characters.

Alistair Wong
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