Bombernauts Looks Like It Will Satisfy All Your Bomberman Needs



If you were to exclude the mobile efforts, we haven’t had a proper Bomberman game for at least five years, which might make any fans out there eager for more explosive action. If you’re one of them and find that this is the case then Bombernauts should be on your radar.


It’s the next game from the creator of the 2012 puzzle platformer Closure but is quite different to that game in practically every way. Bombernauts is an online (or “bombline”) multiplayer battle game with fully destructible voxel terrain.



Each of its 100+ arenas has deadly lava around the outside and so your goal is to use a silly number of bombs to blow your robot foes into it to kill them. Of course, with this destructible terrain, the longer the fight goes on the less land there is to stand on as the bombs tear it apart.


And if the bombs aren’t working then you can grab your baseball bat and whack open some piñatas to grab a power-up. These include jetpacks, black holes, missiles, and luchador masks, plus many more. It also has drop in / drop out multiplayer and a level editor in case you want to get creative.



Bombernauts is due out on Windows and Mac via Steam on July 31st. It has a new website you can have a look at if you wish.

Chris Priestman