boomboom.jpgA Boom Boom Rocket update is coming on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow that adds support for DDR mats and 360 compatible guitars. Personally, I can’t imagine playing Boom Boom Rocket with a dance mat because the notes don’t seem organized enough. But then again I’ve played Marvel versus Capcom 2 with a dance mat and that was pretty entertaining. The real reason to get the update is to pick up five new songs. They are:


Sting of the Bumble Bee

Explode to Joy

Sugar High

Eine Kleine Rochtmusik

Cannon in D


Until December 16th these are freebies. Afterwards the expansion pack will cost 250 Microsoft Points ($3.13). This bucks the usual Xbox Live Marketplace trend where extra content is sold first and then released for free at a later date. Perhaps, Bizarre Creations is rewarding early adopters.

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