Boot Hill Bounties Is A Wild West RPG Of Tense Fights, Dangerous Outlaws, Hat-Based Abilities



Active combat RPG Boot Hill Bounties brings players back to the world of Boot Hill Heroes, pitting them against five outlaws in this new adventure in the Wild West.


While combing Bronco Country, players will come across silly NPCs, old West lingo, and dangerous foes and wildlife that are itching for a fight. To take these foes out, players will have to control the abilities of four characters at once in live combat, bouncing between available abilities as they become ready to use in the fight. Players will have to take special care to watch what their enemies are doing in combat, with longer enemy charge times indicating powerful attacks are imminent, and adapt to what is happening quickly. If this is proving challenging, up to four players can each take on a playable character to make combat easier.

Players will have many activities to keep them busy outside of fights as well. Players will be able to shop for various hats, each of which offers to teach them different combat abilities that make a big difference in each battle. They can also customize their weapons to behave differently or cause status ailments. Players are also free to start a farm to grow food, enter cooking competitions for rewards, or camp for the night to play some other games.


Players who have already played the previous game, Boot Hill Heroes, can import their data from that game to start off from their previous level with all of their skills, giving them a huge advantage to start off with whether they’re fighting raccoons hoarding garbage or a vicious gang member with a chain gun.

Boot Hill Bounties is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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