Bored Of Superheroes? Be A Terrifying Monster Girl Instead



    Ellen is a monster girl. To look at her, you wouldn’t know as much, as most the time she looks like any human in the future world she belongs to. But, get in her way, and her arm will suddenly morph into a beast of jaw and teeth, chomping into you without hesitation.


    She’s also the star of Pale Blue, which is an upcoming 2D action and stealth game from Indonesian studio Tinker Games. In it, Ellen is able to break down walls, assassinate targets, steal valuables, and morph into terrifying and powerful monster forms to do it all.


    We know that Pale Blue combines fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash action, with platform, puzzle, and stealth elements, but little else. So, we caught up with Tinker Games’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Setiaki Murdi to find out what else we could.


    The result is a quickfire interview, with short questions and snappy answers – Murdi talks about Ellen’s monstrous capabilities, explains the thinking behind the game’s combat system, and teases the multiple storylines throughout Pale Blue.


    Pale Blue is all about a monster girl called Ellen. Could you give us some background information on her, and tell us how you came up with this character?


    Setiaki Murdi, CMO: Ellen is a girl with mysterious past and has currently chosen to join hands with an organization named COCOON. She has monstrous strength, yet keeps her ‘girly side’ within her.


    We are interested in bringing a new and fresh perspective on the main character of a game. Instead of our usual type of ‘superhero’, why not take the side of evil? That’s why we chose to give players the experience of playing as a villain.


    What is Ellen’s mission in Pale Blue?


    Mostly it will be in align to COCOON’s missions. There are many forms… destruction of a city, assassination, etc. The story will also be built up around these missions.


    You mention that Ellen has many different forms. What are they and how can they used in the game?


    There are three forms at total. The Wyvern, Juggernaut, and Tyrant. Each one of them has their unique ability. They can be triggered through a special condition.


    How do the puzzles work in Pale Blue? Are they meant to be significant portions of the game or just a quick distraction to vary up the pace?


    We intend to have the puzzles as an element in the game. They could be placed either in the story or the game mode itself.


    Likewise, what can we expect from the combat? Is it fast and combo-focused? Will players need to play defensive with guards and parries to survive? Is there room for customization?


    We would like to put it this way: there will be a lot of action! Players will need to focus as they have to time their attack wisely and look for an opportunity to take down the enemy. The enemies also hit hard, so players will need to time their defensive stance well, too. As for the customization, we haven’t got any further plans regarding the matter.


    Who else will we meet throughout Pale Blue and are they as unusual as Ellen is?


    Alongside Ellen, there is the Professor, as well as Tammy, and Frei. Ellen, Tammy, and Frei will be playable. Are they as unique as Ellen? Of course! Haha.


    There are also various characters, including some mysterious ones…


    How do the multiple story lines work in Pale Blue? How does the game determine which one the player will experience? And will there be different missions and settings for each one?


    Hmm, gonna be cautious not to bring in any spoilers here, haha. All that we could say is that players’ action and decision can lead them into different paths. These paths will have their own missions and settings, as well as unique background and storyline.


    What platforms are you bringing Pale Blue to? Any chance of it coming to consoles? And do you have any idea when it may be available?


    Our plan so far has contained PC (Windows), Mac, and Linux as our target platforms. Regarding the opportunity of taking Pale Blue into consoles, it’s our greatest hope but it doesn’t take priority for now.


    Currently, we are in the middle of the production stage, and hopefully the situation and opportunity permits for us to deliver Pale Blue in Q4 of 2015.

    Chris Priestman

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