Botlike Brings A Warbot Out Of Retirement For One Final Machine-Blasting Rampage



Botlike is a roguelike sidescrolling shooter starring a grumpy, retired warbot called S.I.R. Its years spent relaxing haven’t dulled its killing instincts, though, and it intends to put them to work with an array of guns and items after the League of Super Intelligent Robots destroyed his home.



S.I.R. sets out with nothing more than a gun and the top hat on its head, but that’s not all it will use to get its revenge (and join another war, which it has sorely missed). Ten guns can be found as S.I.R. goes about its deadly work, each of which has several upgrades that will make it deal more damage or spread out its firepower in useful ways, making the chaingun fire more shots, the plasma rifle shower the area with energy, or the rocket launcher explode in a bigger radius.


Players are also able to find handy items and equipment as they leave a trail of broken robots in their wake. Items provide handy healing or other effects, but players can also hoard these items and combine them to create even stronger unique effects. Players who can go long without using their gear will soon find themselves with extremely powerful tools, adding even more fun for the bloodthirsty warbot.




Players will need to take care of their irreplaceable warbot, as death is permanent and the levels are procedurally-generated, promising unexpected mayhem. S.I.R. is still quite spry for his mechanical age, though, and will be able to double jump, wall jump, and dash through the sidescrolling environments.


Botlike is currently in development, and interested players can stay up-to-date on it through the mailing list from the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!