Bounce Higher & Higher To Save Your Cat In New Game Boy Title Tobu Tobu Girl



Tobu Tobu Girl, a game about a girl whose cat is floating away on a helium balloon, is in development for the Game Boy and will be released as a ROM and on physical cartridges.




In Tobu Tobu Girl, the main character must bounce on enemy heads while dodging obstacles to reach the top of each stage, rising higher and higher until she catches her cat. She can also jump and dash while in the air, with players carefully using her abilities to avoid obstacles and enemies while finding the right foes to hop on top of.




The vertically-scrolling Game Boy game was listed as ‘Coming Soon’ back in March of this year with its teaser trailer, but due to some complications, Tobu Tobu Girl is instead set to release in early 2017.

Alistair Wong
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