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Bowser Peach, Band Member Rosalina, And More Revealed In The Art Of Super Mario Odyssey


mario odyssey concept art 12

Super Mario Odyssey’s concept art book, ‘The Art of Super Mario Odyssey’, released in Japan this week, and several pieces of concept art has been revealed by official sources and fans on Twitter, including Nintendo’s unused Princess Peach capture for Bowser’s boss fight.


Bowser Peach concept [Thanks, @d_d_kihara on Twitter!]

mario odyssey concept art 6


In one of the concepts for Bowser’s boss battle, Bowser takes out a hat similar to Mario’s, but with a K written on it, and throws it at Peach and captures her. Judging from the dialogue, it could have been a second phase to the fight.


Guitarist Rosalina [Thanks, @7Roggie on Twitter!]

rosalina 1


An unused concept for Rosalina’s appearance in the game. It seems that many Super Mario Galaxy references were scaled back or cut for Odyssey.


Unused Mario costume concepts [Thanks, @7Roggie on Twitter!]

mario odyssey concept art 1

A costume based on the Sprixies from Super Mario 3D World. Mario would throw the entire wig, or the crown.


mario odyssey concept art 2


A costume based off a yellow Luma from Super Mario Galaxy.


mario odyssey concept art 3

mario odyssey concept art 4


Other outfit concepts based on the stereotypical Japanese school girl outfit, and Toadette. For both these concepts, Mario would throw the wig itself, and the notes for Toadette’s says that it really doesn’t fit Mario’s look, although throwing the wig would probably be fun.


Other concept art revealed on Super Mario Odyssey’s Twitter:

mario odyssey concept art 7

mario odyssey concept art 8

mario odyssey concept art 9

mario odyssey concept art 10

mario odyssey concept art 11



The Art of Super Mario Odyssey is currently available in Japan. You can find a link to the product page on Play-Asia here. You can get $3 off the price by entering the code ‘SILICON’ before payment.


Super Mario Odyssey is available for Nintendo Switch.

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