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BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! Is Now Packing A Demo And New Screenshots


boxboy boxgirl 2

Nintendo has opened BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!’s official website, and a demo is also now available for this two-box experience.


According to the official site, the main story is titled ‘A Tale for Two’, and can be played even by yourself, just with the player alternating between Qbby and Qucy. The site also reveals a new extra mode called Balloon Challenge, where you can get extra medals by getting all the balloons before time runs out.


Check out more screenshots below:

boxboy boxgirl 3

boxboy boxgirl 4

boxboy boxgirl 5

boxboy boxgirl 6

boxboy boxgirl 7

boxboy boxgirl 8

boxboy boxgirl 9

boxboy boxgirl 10


BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! releases on Nintendo Switch on April 26, 2019. A demo now available via the eShop.

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