Nintendo 3DS

BOXBOY! One More Box Stealth-Releases For 3DS In Japan



Nintendo and HAL Laboratory stealth-released BOXBOY! One More Box (Hako Boy! Mou Hito Hako,) a sequel to the popular title BOXBOY! in the Japanese Nintendo eShop.


The above is a look at the official trailer for the game. Similar to the first game, you’ll need to work your way through various obstacles using boxes to make your way to the goal.


This time around, Qbby has powered up with the ability to use not one but two boxes, which opens quite a lot of possibilities for new puzzles in the recently released title. You can get medals from the states to unlock comics, costumes, and music, and also import your save data from the previous game to get its costumes.


Here’s a look at some footage of the game courtesy NintenDaan:



BOXBOY! One More Box is currently available in the Japanese eShop for 680 yen.

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