A Boy And His Bear Seek A Missing Mother In The Weird Lands Of Traumerin



A young boy’s mother has gone missing, carried off somewhere past a wasteland filled with hostile toys and other strange creatures in Traumerin, a platformer/turn-based RPG.




The boy will have to cross twenty levels, steadily finding the truth of this decaying, Game Boy-styled world as he fights his way to his missing mother. He’ll have to platform over yawning pits, but should he make contact with an enemy while jumping around, he’ll have to fight them in turn-based combat.


Both he and his teddy bear have their own attacks and skills, giving the players a handful of options on what to do about living jack-in-the-boxes and menacing horsey toys.


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Players who wish to know the secrets of the Harvesters and rescue the boy’s mom can do so now, as Traumerin is available on

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