Brainwashed Schoolgirls Attack In Gun Girls – School DayZ



Shooting them in the head may not be the best course of action in Gun Girls – School DayZ… but one you may have to take anyway. See, these mind-controlled zombies are all your ex-schoolmates.



The mobile game is now in English, and it’s a side-scrolling, cutesy anime-art game for the most part. If you can get over the idea that all the enemies aren’t quite zombies so much as they’ve been mind-controlled into attacking you.


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Players will need to make use of the 182 different types of weapons and 78 skills to blast through the hordes and get to the end. There’s also a survival mode available.



Oh and if you don’t like the initial design, you can also customize your schoolgirl with 52 different types of school uniforms.


Gun Girls – School DayZ is out now on iOS and Android.