Set on the oceanic planet Uoparau, players can explore a new Phantasy Star Online 2 update, “Glittering Brilliance of the Seabed,” while depopulating the local nefarious wildlife, this week.


The game’s developer blog has provided information on how this update’s main gimmick will work out, noting that since the monsters in this area naturally thrive in the water, they’ll be more powerful when moving and attacking in the ocean depths. Players can mitigate this somewhat by finding special switch locations that will lower the water level (or raise it, if you’re interested in a challenge)



One of these new marine creatures is the three-headed Vid Girosu (above), a hydra-like and huge monster with a shell-like body that it can pull its heads and necks back into when under attack.



ss_26_l ss_09_l

There will also be two new big bad boss monsters to take down: Dekoru Maryuda (above), a dark avian that looks more like a totem pole, and wise players will want to take down its supporting totem pole of birds quickly—even if it that means enraging the boss further.


ss_03_l ss_01_l

The other boss is Bioru Medyuna, the major master of the sea king’s species. The swirling mass of Bioru looks like a nightmarish cross between a sea anemone and crab pincers, with lasers to boot.


Don’t forget there’s also a new camera item with a self-timer feature for players to be able to gather together and take a snapshot more easily too for guild remembrances.


Phantasy Star Online 2’s update “The Glittering Brillance of the Seabed” is out now. In case you missed it, you can view a trailer for it here.


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