Brathian Offers Co-Op Platforming In A Cute Magical World


A great deal of magical power was sealed away in a crystal to stop wars from being fought over it, but that only provided a temporary solution in Brathian, a co-op platformer.


Someone has read the sacred books, reviving deadly guardians and bringing the crystal’s power a step closer to being unleashed again. This leaves Edgar and Amy, descendants of the elders who sealed the power away, to deal with keeping it locked up, using swords to fight their way across the countryside and put the guardians in their place again.

Players can swing their sword to slash at the enemies they come across, as well as do a downward slash that will let them attack an enemy by hopping on them. A few power-ups and abilities will give players some further powers to use against dangerous mermaids and frog knights as well, but should one of the players fall anyway, the other player can sacrifice some of their health to revive their partner.

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Brathian is available now on Steam and

Alistair Wong
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