Brave Fencer Musashi Got A Special 20th Anniversary Video From Square Enix



We haven’t heard much about Brave Fencer Musashi since pretty much its original release back in July 1998 on PlayStation. Square Enix put together a commemoration video for its 20th anniversary.


You can check out the video below:


Here are details from the PlayStation Store:

160 years have passed since the legendary fencer Musashi has saved the kingdom. Now, amid the crisis of war, the hero is being summoned again, but this time the returning Musashi is just a kid… Being an exciting and action-packed action game, this title allows player to pull off different kinds of actions like sword attacks, flying and throwing enemies through simple intuitive controls. Player can also absorb enemies’ abilities while ranging sweeping attacks across the 3D battlefields.





The game was directed by Yoichi Yoshimoto, written by Koichi Ogawa, and had music composed by Koichi Ogawa. Its artists included Koji Matsuoka and Tetsuya Nomura.


Brave Fencer Musashi released in Japan on July 16, 1998 for PlayStation, followed by a North American release on October 31, 1998. There hasn’t been any other releases for the original game outside of Japan, but perhaps Square Enix may have a little something up their sleeve.

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