PlayStation 4

Brave Neptunia By Artisan Studio Will Release On PlayStation 4



We learned last month that Quebec-based developer Artisan Studio is working on Compile Heart’s next Neptunia game, Brave Neptune, and its platform has been revealed as PlayStation 4.


The announcement video features Neptunia series’ executive producer Norihisa Kochiwa who says the work on the game by the Western developer should be nearing its final stage, and more information will be shown off in the April 26 issue of Dengeki PlayStation.


According to Kochiwa, the Neptunia series isn’t just about cute girls since there are many characters who are energetic, some that have their idiot-moments, and more, so they had a difficult time coming up with a title for the game and went through at least over 50 titles.


It took longer than usual to come up with a subtitle for the game, and Kochiwa says that while in the bath the other day it finally hit him—Brave Neptunia: World! Universe! Attention!! Ultimate RPG Declaration!!


Brave Neptunia is in development for PlayStation 4.

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