Bravely Archive: D’s Report Shows Some More Of Its Characters


Square Enix recently announced a new Bravely game for smartphone, called Bravely Archive: D’s Report, which takes place in an alternate world that takes place several hundred years later. 4Gamer shows a look at some artwork for the characters of the game.

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You’ll take on the role of a new “Librarian” as part of the Anastasis Library, located in the center of Luxendarc. Your objective as a Librarian is to go around the world to collect knowledge by gathering “memories” that have been sealed in crystals.

However, Librarians face dangerous tasks that require them to look around in dungeons and other areas that are filled with monsters, so they’ll need to get all the help they can from fellow Librarians, as they explore around the world.

Here’s a look at some of the characters who’ll be there to help you out:

Dimitri and Riche Dotnova are siblings, and “Brokers”, who go around the world to gather crystals, then sell them to buyers for profit. You’ll often find them in dungeons as well.



The above is a look at the different places around the world, where Librarians and Brokers will go around to look for crystals.


When you go exploring dungeons, you’ll put together a party of five to take on monsters. The battle system focuses on simple flicking mechanisms used for turn-based combat.


You’ll get experience points by clearing the dungeons. Once you gain enough levels, the characters learn new abilities with different uses that will come in handy for the tougher dungeons.

The above is a look at four characters who share the same last name of “Oblige,” and they’re all Vestals as well. You can read a little more about them and the game in our earlier report.


Bravely Archive: D’s Report will release sometime this month in Japan for Android and iOS devices.

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