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Bravely Default Drama CD Brings With It Some Stylish And Risqué Costumes


Bravely Default, much like Fire Emblem, is getting its own set of drama CDs. This one is titled the “Reunion Festival,” and is an all-original script that is about “bringing the important people back together for a celebratory meeting”.


Those that pick the drama CD up will also get a special downloadable code, reports Dengeki Online, that lets players pick up to four costumes—one per character—for their Bravely Default party. Tiz gets a Dimensional Officer suit, Agnes gets a Bunny Bravo costume, Edea a dashing Dukedom Civil Officer Apprentice and Ringabel a… a…


I’m sorry, all I can think of is *WARNING: NSFW* this. I’m… I’m so sorry guys.





The drama CD will be out on the 25th of December in Japan.