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Bravely Second Adds Even More Useful Functions To The Game


7b42a7c1 In the latest livestream of Square Enix Presents Japan, Bravely series producer Tomoya Asano appeared as a guest to share some of the latest on Bravely Second. This time, we got to see a couple fights and an introduction to some new systems.



The gameplay footage starts out with a look at some of the parts of the magical academy city, Istantar. The 7:53 mark demonstrates the Bravely and Default features in a simple battle.


There’s a new battle feature, which Asano demonstrates at 11:50, that lets you press the L button to select the same command multiple times. For example, previously, you had to select the attack command or a certain magic by flipping through the menus four times. This new function will let you do it much easier by simply pressing L four times on the command.


Skip forward to the 16:00 mark for the big fight against a powerful monster called Gargantua. The new job, Wizard, has a special attribute called “Postscript,” that lets you add “modifiers” to magic.


While we don’t know too much about the modifiers, it’s a new system that allows you to give magic different effects. More details on that will be revealed in the near future.


Additionally, Square Enix introduced a new ability called “Halfies,” which is a useful one that lets you extend item effects to the entire party; however, when using healing items, it’ll reduce its capabilities by 50%.


Asano and the other developers of Bravely Second also mentioned that they’re working on a demo for the game, which will be announced in the near future. We still don’t know its full contents, but it’ll have the encounter adjustment system that was in Bravely Default, along with the difficulty adjuster.


Bravely Second will release in Japan this Winter for Nintendo 3DS.

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