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Bravely Second Will Have New And Returning Jobs



As previously reported, Bravely Second will have several new writers and a new composer. In this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, series producer Tomoya Asano reminds fans that the game will still be a Bravely game, and that it will also have plenty of surprises to look forward to.


When asked about the current development status of Bravely Second, Asano says that the game is currently in a state where it can be played from its opening to the ending, and the next step is to decide on how much time they’ll spend polishing the game, as he would like to make it as good as it can be.


According to Asano, the concept behind the making of Bravely Second focused on it being a sequel. He explains that a majority of people who played Bravely Default were fans of fantasy RPGs and met pleasant surprises in the first game. For this reason, he says that fans looking forward to Bravely Second can expect plenty of surprises as well.


Famitsu exclaims that we were recently treated to a look at Agnes, who has been inaugurated as a pope.



“Yes, you may have noticed by looking at the illustration, but this time, the adventure will be centered around saving Agnes, who gets taken away,” says Asano. He adds that the idea is to bring out a feeling of saving a princess.


Moving along, we’ve seen Manolia sporting the looks of four Jobs that were in the previous game. Famitsu asks if a lot of the Jobs we saw in Bravely Default will return in Bravely Second. To this, Asano replies that the game will have both new and returning jobs, and the designs for the latter have been refined over the previous game.


Regarding the refined designs, Famitsu asks if that means that the Asterisk Holders [the characters from whom you obtained the job classes] will be different this time around.



“No, the Asterisk Holders who appeared in the first game won’t be changing,” says Asano. “Please look forward to seeing what they’ll be up to in the world of Bravely Second.”


Finally, Famitsu asks if we’ll be seeing follow-up reports on a more regular basis from this point on.


“I’d really like to do that,” Asano replies. “I’d also like to release a demo for the game, so look forward to that, as well. For those who haven’t played the first game, there’s a demo that lets you play up to the first four chapters, so please go ahead and give that a try!”


Bravely Second is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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