While we’ve seen Agnes Oblige appear in the latest footage of Bravely Second, it looks like the game will feature a new cast of characters. The latest issue of Jump magazine gives us a first look at three new faces you can expect to see. [Thanks, Zaregoto.]


The three new characters are guardians who are in charge of protecting the pope Agnes. They are known as the “Falcon of the Gale” Yu (the shorter guy with brown hair), the “Wolf of the Inferno” Jean (man with the long blue hair), and “Bison of Solidity” Nikolai, who looks like a priest.


Thus far, Yu is the only of the three confirmed to be playable. He will join Magnolia as one of the new playable characters in Bravely Second.


More details on the new characters will be revealed in the near future. Bravely Second will be released this Winter in Japan.

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