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Bravely Second Producer Aims To Create A New Pillar Of Support For Square Enix


We recently reported the first real set of details on Bravely Second, the sequel to Bravely Default, where producer Tomoya Asano talked about new character Magnolia, and how there will be more things to do in the upcoming RPG. In the same interview, conducted by Famitsu magazine, Asano and character designer Akihiko Yoshida shared a few other tidbits regarding the game as well.


“There were actually several concepts, but out of all of them, the idea of ‘surpassing the previous title’ left the biggest impression,” shares Asano. “We were aware that the previous title was to get fans to like the characters and world, so we decided to have a sequel that takes place several years later, and has more to do with Luxendarc.”


Asano also mentions that a number of details have yet to be decided—Bravely Second is only 30% of the way through completion—but announcements regarding these will be made at a later point in time.


Magnolia, Bravely Second’s protagonist, was created during a scenario brainstorm meeting, after the keywords of “people of the moon” and “returnee” came to mind.


Character designer Akihiko Yoshida and the others originally thought about giving her some kind of space outfit along with bunny ears, but they decided to go with a character who showed “adultness,” as it was a feature that was lacking in the characters of Bravely Default.


Thanks to the experience the team acquired from making Bravely Default, Yoshida believes that we will see a game that is much more polished than before. He also mentions that the illustrators are currently working on characters and job designs, and many of them will be quite unexpected, so he wishes fans to look forward to that as well.


Finally, a message for the fans from the producer, Asano:


“As we did previously, and for the sake of Japanese RPG fans, we’re developing with the goal to create a new pillar of support for Square Enix, while surpassing the previous title. I believe that it may take a little while longer until you’ll get to play the game, but we’ll be revealing new information little by little, so I hope you continue supporting us while looking forward to what’s coming.”


Bravely Second is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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