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Bravely Second Producer Shows Off The Wizard, Teases Skills From A New Job



Square Enix revealed the latest job for Bravely Second with the Wizard at TGS, and Siliconera got to try it out during a press appointment. Additionally, during a Dengeki live-stream, producer Tomoya Asano showed the Wizard off in action. (Thanks, Nintendo Everything)


The video  starts out with a little description of the “Teach me, Agnes” feature that is compared to Airy, the cryst-fairy in Bravely Default, who assisted players with helpful hints as to the party’s next destination. They joke about how Agnes might not be the best navigator given her bad sense of direction, she’ll still do her best to guide the players and the party.


At 2:25, they take on a little quest where they have to fight a suspicious character in the woods, who ends up being Amy Matchlock, the Asterisk holder for the new Tomahawk job.


According to Asano, there’s been concern over whether the introduction of the Tomahawk job will take the Ranger away from Bravely Second, but he assures fans to not worry, because the Ranger will still be around in the sequel.


Next, they show us that the new Wizard job is available in the Tokyo Game Show demo, but mention that players won’t meet the Asterisk holder for the job until a little later. When they open the menu, you can see Agnes saying, “Now, let’s head to the forest located at the southern exit of town”.


At the menu screen, you can press L and select a “Teach me more, Agnes” feature, and she’ll give you additional information and tidbits on current events. During the stream, she provides information about how to navigate to the forest along with some factoids.


They also look at the encounter adjustment system that we saw in Bravely Default, which will make a return in Bravely Second. Asano explains the system, and says that it was actually quite the ambitious feature to add into an RPG, and was well received by fans.


By 7:40, they have about five minutes remaining with the demo, so they decide to make it a no-encounters playthrough, so that they can reach the boss with just enough time left. Asano mentions that the song you’re hearing in the forest is actually a new track composed by ryo. The battle track is also new.


Asano then shows us the Wizard’s ability to pick elemental magic attacks and connect them with different attack types, like Darts, Hammer, Blast, and Mist. In this case, they put together Fire and Mist to do a Fire Mist attack, which has a damage-over-time effect.


He then shows Nikolai using a new “Moon Magic” with supportive spells like Physical Up, Magic Up, Speed Up, and Physical Guard. However, he doesn’t reveal which job uses the Moon Magic, but says it will be a support-type job.


Bravely Second will release this Winter in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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