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Bravely Second Shares What Edea Has Been Up To



Producer Tomoya Asano recently revealed that Edea from Bravely Default will be in the upcoming sequel, Bravely Second, where she will “judge” the Asterisk Holders from the previous game. Now, Square Enix have shared a little more on the judging system, and Edea’s involvement in the story.



After saving Luxendarc with Agnes and friends, Edea returned to her country, where she became the leader of the newly formed Imperial Guard Knights. She has also been helping her father rebuild the dukedom.



Edea was working alongside the new pope Agnes in bringing peace between the Crystal Orthodoxy and Eternia, but after hearing about her kidnapping, she goes off on her own to visit the towns of Eternia to gather more information on the situation.


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The new “Barter Sub-Scenario” system in Bravely Second will take place during certain sub-scenarios, which depict events between Asterisk Holders from Bravely Default. Asterisk Holders will show up with problems, and you’ll need to help solve them.


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In order to solve the problem in question, Edea will have to listen to the issue, then decide which Asterisk Holder to support as part of a “judging” system. We still don’t know what happens after Edea makes a choice, but we’ll likely hear more in future updates.


Moving on, here are some more details on the new Patissier job:


Poison, paralysis, and silence are just some of the status effects the Pattisier can perform using its abilities. They also have abilities that lower the enemy’s status, and they excel  as a support job.


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The Charm Cake is used to cast a charm effect on all enemies, while the Pie Meteor randomly selects a target and lowers their status by continuously tossing pies their way.


Here’s another look at the other Asterisk Holders and new jobs in Bravely Second:


Cat Master:

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Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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