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Bravely Second’s Ayame Looks Like Quite The Creepy Lady



With less than a month until the release of Bravely Second in Japan, Square Enix still has a few surprises left with the reveal of the new Chariot job. They recently showed it, and other jobs and Asterisk Holders, off, alongside screenshots of each.





Ayame, the Black Shrine Maiden, is the Wizard job’s Asterisk Holder and works under the Grantz Empire. She’s 22 years old. She’s an eerie lady that dresses in all black and likes to carry around a mysterious doll. She shares a master-and-servant relationship with Cu Chulainn, and uses a new kind of magic called “Spirit Magic” to assault Yu and his party.


001 002

The expression under her hood raven-black hair is unknown, and she seems to hold some sort of deep grudge against Yu.


Cu Chulainn:


Cu Chulainn also serves under the Grantz Empire, and is the Asterisk Holder for the Chariot job. His age is currently unknown. He carries all kinds of weapons on his back, and is a rather different being with a centaur-like body.


007 033

His tireless combat spirit and surging wave of pressure behind his prowess puts the soldiers of the empire in awe, but rather than taking orders from the emperor, he takes them from Ayame, who he considers his master.


Cu Chulainn considers himself a soldier of the ancients, and has a very old-fashioned way of speaking. Exactly who is he, why is his body half-horse, are some of the many questions surrounding the mysterious character.


Next, is a look at various jobs and some of their respective Asterisk Holders:



041 042

013 014



047 048

019 020




011 012

044 043

015 016




009 010

049 050

021 022





005 006

045 046

017 018


Here’s a closer look at the mini-game for making plushies, called the Kapu Kapu  Maker, or Chomper Maker. You can read more about how it works in our earlier report.


029 030

031 028

003 004


023  027

025 026 024

Bravely Second will release in Japan on April 23, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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