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Bravely Second’s New Tomahawk Job Uses Guns And Support Abilities



Bravely Second will bring back a bunch of jobs and Asterisk holders from Bravely Default, but they’ll also have new ones in the sequel. 4Gamer shows us a first look at the newest job and the character behind the Asterisk.


Amy Matchlock:



Amy is the Asterisk holder for the Tomahawk job. She’s from a minority tribe that lives in the depth of Flowell. She has the ability to communicate with spirits and uses a gun with axe and spear-like tip that is said to bring out an image of the tribe’s guardian.


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As far as the new Tomahawk job goes, they’re pure attackers that specialize in using the gun. In addition to having abilities that lets them attack all enemies, they also have many supportive abilities in their repertoire.


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In Bravely Second, Yu and the others will go on a journey to save Agnes. While she’s held captive, she’ll be able to communicate with the group, and will also be able to provide navigation through the “Teach me, Agnes” feature.


In addition to helping out with the progression status of the main story, she’ll also be there to help with the sub-scenarios. She can help out Yu and the others at any time through navigation on the lower screen.


Bravely Second is slated for release this Winter in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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