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Bravely Second’s StreetPass Event In Japan Has Costumes As Rewards



Bravely Second recently released in Japan, and it’s getting a special StreetPass event throughout different parts of Japan that allows players to get various costumes for Edea, Magnolia, and Yu. Famitsu shares a look at the limited time costumes.



The above costumes are unique to different StreetPass locations in three different cities of Japan. The Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Akiba shop in Tokyo has Edea’s, Yodobashi Camera Multimedia Umeda  in Osaka for Magnolia’s and Futaba Tosho TERA Wonder City Store at Nagoya has Yu’s.


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Players will need to have gotten to a certain point early in Bravely Second in order to partake in this event. Once they StreetPass the areas mentions, they’ll encounter various forms of the Swordmaster Asterisk Holder Kamiizumi, or “StreetPassizumi”.


Depending on where the players get the StreetPass from to get costumes like Yu’s Onion Knight outfit, they’ll encounter different forms of the Swordmaster, such as “StreetPassizumikyo” from Tokyo, “StreetPassizumisaka” from Osaka, and “StreetPassizumiya” from Nagoya.


While players won’t be able to summon friends to fight against the StreetPassizumi, they say that he’s set to be weaker than average, and will scale to the level of the player, so even those that are at an early stage can still get the costumes.

Bravely Second is currently available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. Square Enix have yet to announce the game for the West, but series producer Tomoya Asano recently mentioned that he already has ideas for a Bravely Third.

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