The Bravely Series Celebrates 4th Anniversary With An Announcement Teaser



The Bravely series turned 4-years-old today, and Square Enix shared a special illustration on the official Twitter account, along with a teaser for a possible new announcement.


The tweet reads:

Bravely’s 4th anniversary!

We apologize for the lack of information lately.

But there might be something soon…!?


Bravely Default first released in Japan on October 11, 2012 by the staff that brought us Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. Since then, we’ve had a browser game called Bravely Default: Praying Brage, a more complete version of the first game called Bravely Default: For the Sequel which was the game that released outside of Japan, the smartphone game in Bravely Archive: D’s Report, and more recently Bravely Second: End Layer on 3DS.

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