Bravery Network Online Hits Steam Early Access in February

Bravely Network Online Early Access

Developer GLOAM’s debut title, Bravery Network Online, is coming to PCs via Steam. The turn-based RPG will release to Early Access on February 16, 2021. Priced at $24.99, those who buy the game at launch will receive a 10% discount.

Bravery Network Online is a battle RPG mixed with a technological setting where characters tag in and out of quirky, turn-based fights. Players will customize a team of five different fighters and send them out in one-versus-one combat. The first player to eliminate an entire team wins. GLOAM explained that it is releasing the game via Early Access due to its PvP component, to “see how it grows and matures over time with the back and forth we have with our players.” Along with the Early Access announcement, the developer prepared a new trailer.

Set in the future world of Tower 6, a cast of “weird future folks” compete in the sport of Bravery. The player takes on the role of a coach, making sure their team is focused on winning. Additionally, the coach will help fighters improve their self-confidence, fortify their weaknesses, and “pick out powerful necklaces to wear.”

Priced at $24.99, Bravery Network Online will release to Steam Early Access on February 16, 2021. On the topic of Early Access, another title that will make its debut soon is the long-awaited Unsung Story.

Oni Dino
Oni Dino is a Japanese-English translator, localization editor, and podcaster. He has several video game credits and regularly translates columns from Masahiro Sakurai and Shigeru Miyamoto. When not knee-deep in a JRPG and wishing games had more environmental story-telling, he's attending industry events and interviewing creative auteurs to share their stories.