Breath of Fire 6 Shows Off Multiplayer Missions, Class Changing, And Costumes



Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon was originally announced about two years ago, but we’re finally get a first look at the game and its features from Famitsu, and it looks a lot like a pocket MMORPG for smartphone devices.


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Dragneel village is being stepped on by the empire, and it will be up to the protagonist and friends to stand up against them. There are secrets behind the ancient “Dragon’s Song,” which could have something to do with the game’s history of what happened in the past between two dragon clans.


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Similar to past games of the series, there will be dragon transformations, which can be done by filling up a meter and activating the “D-Trance Mode”. We still don’t have details on what happens while in this state, but they say that you’ll get to blow away enemies with the power of a great dragon.


For the first time in the series, Breath of Fire 6 introduces class and costume changes. As you level up your character, they can upgrade into different classes.



The above demonstrates how the Novice using a one-handed sword can turn into a two-handed sword-user, Slayer, or go with a sword and shield-using High Guard. Those two classes can also evolve into even more powerful forms.



Meanwhile, costumes and accessories will let you customize your characters to give them your own unique looks.


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The multiplayer missions will let you team-up with four other players, and you’ll get to put your skills together to take on enemies and dungeons. Cooperating with your allies will be the key to a better run.



The Town Lobby is where players gather to recruit buddies for the multiplayer missions, or to simply chill to chat with others or just to show off your new gear.


Breath of Fire 6: Guardians of the White Dragon will release in Japan sometime this year. A testing period will start this Summer and last until the Fall.

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