Breath Of Fire Director And Ace Attorney Producer Team Up For Blade Fantasia




The producer for titles such as DmC Devil May Cry and Ace Attorney Motohide Eshiro has teamed up with the director for the Breath of Fire series Makoto Ikehara to unveil a new title from Capcom: Blade Fantasia.


The iOS role-playing game is a 3D turn-based title, with multiple characters to control, a world to explore and levels to be gained. Saying they’d like to make “A world of swords and magic,” the two showed the game off at the Tokyo Game Show to the press.


Blade Fantasia revolves around the idea of the Flick Combo system: Playable with one hand, the game will have players using their thumbs to select actions such as attacks or spells. There’s some depth to the game by chaining certain attacks together, or fulfilling battle conditions to gain additional items. It’s also possible to mitigate damage by timing blocks as well. Doing a Limit Break turns the gauge into a roulette, and it’s up to players to correctly button mash in time with the floating cursor to generate huge attack chains.


Want to play? It’ll be available sooner than you think. Blade Fantasia is scheduled for release on iOS platforms on the 26th of September. You can watch a trailer for it above.