Breath of Fire Will Return in a Teppen Deck


Gungho and Capcom announced that the next Teppen deck will revive the Breath of Fire series. The new card set is named Dragons of War, with people from Breath of Fire, Monster Hunter Riders, and Mega Man X appearing in it. While exact cards haven’t been revealed yet, a number of the characters who will show up were shown in official art and a relationship chart. More will come up at 12pm PT/3pm ET on June 25, 2021 during Teppen Headline 8.

First, here’s a piece of art confirming that Garr, Nina, Ryu, and Deis will appear representing Breath of Fire in this Teppen set.

breath of fire teppen garr nina ryu deis

Next, here’s the Monster Hunter Riders art confirming Frederica, Mary, and Layla will all be there.

monster hunter riders teppen frederica mary

Here’s the Teppen Dragons of War relationship chart, which features people like Myria from Breath of Fire, Halcyon from Monster Hunter Riders, Mega Man X3’s Victoroid, and Mega Man X4’s Eregion.

breath of fire teppen

Finally, here’s a trailer introducing this set.

As a reminder, the last Teppen addition was Ace vs. The People. That set added Ace Attorney cards to the game.

Teppen is available for mobile devices, and the Dragon of War Breath of Fire and Monster Hunter Riders set will be discussed on June 25, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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