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Breezing Through The Grind In I am Setsuna


    I am Setsuna - Blowbeat Combo

    While playing through I am Setsuna, it’s easy to get into a groove with a party featuring three of the characters you meet early on. But, for those who want to experiment with Kir, Julienne, or a character that hasn’t been used as often, the thought of grinding to level them up to par might be keeping you from some fun combos.


    A quick and easy way to breeze through the grind is to put whichever character that is in need of leveling up into a party with Endir and Ndir. Obtain the Provoke and Shock Spiritnites from the Magic Consortium, if you don’t have them already, and equip Endir with Shock and Ndir with Provoke. By doing so, you’ll unlock the Blowbeat combo. This attack is fairly powerful since it may stun, paralyze, or confuse a group of enemies. More often than not, it will wipe out foes in one use.


    The trick is to Blowbeat your enemies to an often debuffed death. Use the third, lower level character to refill Endir and Ndir’s MP gauge as needed using items. Just remember that each character’s HP and MP automatically refill each time they level up. Hold off on refilling MP if a character is close to leveling up.


    Before embarking on your grinding adventure, pick up some Ether or other MP refilling items from the nearest shop. Then, head for the Apparth Ruins or an area littered with enemies of your choosing. This technique can be used pretty much anywhere, but be aware that as you level up you’ll need to seek out tougher enemies to get more experience points per fight. Once you reach Level 35, the entrance to the Last Lands or the save point in the cathedral make good grinding spots.


    As is traditional with RPGs, though, this is just one method of many to get through the grind in I am Setsuna.


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