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Bring Light Back To The Darkness In Arc Systems Works’ Brawler RPG



Our last look at the promising brawler RPG, Swords & Darkness, was way back during Tokyo Game Show earlier this year. It’s now creeping toward its release later this month, and Arc System Works have shared a new trailer, which you can watch above.


The new video shows off some of the varied moves you’ll be able to do, including whirlwind and uppercut attacks. It does seem to be a little more slower-paced as a brawler though, with not that many foes on screen to overwhelm you at once.




There also appears to be a little bit of faux 3D, with one piece showing your protagonist running up a circular staircase. Since the game is part-RPG, you’ll also be able to talk to some survivors and level up, allocating skill points in up to 10 different stats including weight. Ahh, there’s the hardcore bit I was expecting from ArcSys.


Our guess is this will come into play with the types of gear you can actually equip—seeing as there’s a handy screenshot of a hooded shopkeeper selling you gear.




The story is appropriately dark-tinged, too. A war had had been waged just before the start of the game, between the kingdom of Athelstern and another. In order to save themselves, the king of Athelstern incanted a spell from the Vessel of Life, resurrecting his dead soldiers and granting them new strength. With such power, the kingdom was saved… but at a heavy price.


As the story begins, the king has lost his mind—the curse of using such powers beyond mortal ken—and his resurrected troops jealously guard the castle and the now hatred-filled king. To end that madness and return the kingdom to its rightful, peaceful ways, you must go forth to kill the king, or save him if you can.


Swords & Darkness will be out on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan December 18th for 900 yen ($10)





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