tiltboard.jpgTalismoon has a fix for Xbox 360 owners who are envious of the SIXAXIS controller and the Wii remote. They have a new Tiltboard that can be soldered into an Xbox 360 controller that adds in tilt control and two additional buttons to toggle it. If you want this luxury you have to solder seven wires from the Tiltboard to the gamepad, which might be a problem for many Xbox 360 owners.


Since there aren’t any games on the Xbox 360 designed with tilt sensitivity in mind, Talismoon doesn’t give any information on how (if?) it makes gameplay more immersive. I imagine it might be useful for Ace Combat 6 when it comes out or a driving game like Forza 2, but in the latter case the steering wheel would probably be a better option. Maybe the usefulness of Talismoon’s device will come to fruition when Beautiful Katamari comes out. Rolling up junk with tilt control sounds like it could be a brilliant and original use for the Tiltboard… until "Wii Love Katamari" comes out.

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