Brute Strength May Not Be Enough To Win In Horror Action RPG Lovecraft’s Untold Stories


Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is an action RPG where players will be blasting horrors from beyond time and space, mowing down unsettling beasts from the Lovecraft mythos as they work to undo the plans of the Old Ones. However, gunplay isn’t the only way to win, and may not even be the safest route to protect the player’s sanity.


Players will square off against interpretations of over fifty monsters from the Cthulu mythos, doing so across twelve randomly-generated stages. Players can choose from five heroes – the detective, witch, thief, professor, and ghoul – each offering special stats and abilities that may loan themselves to different playstyles. As such, players may want to tackle their foes head-on, or stay out of sight while collecting clues that will help them stop the coming evil without bloodshed.

Players can improve their character’s stats over the course of play, as well as improve several weapons, items, and artifacts that will protect them on their journey. However, gaining power and knowledge comes with a potential cost to the player’s sanity, creating a hidden danger for a broken mind as they grow stronger.


Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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