Buckets Are A Surprisingly Useful Murder Tool In Yandere Simulator



Buckets have created unique new opportunities for murder in the latest update build for Yandere Simulator.




A hurled bucket of water will send any girl in the game to the locker room to change, creating a useful opportunity to catch them alone at will. However, getting caught doing so can cause a sharp drop in reputation, a trip to the guidance room, or even a game over depending on if the player gets caught or who catches them.




This can be resolved due to the addition of tripping. Players can wilfully make Yandere-chan trip and fall, creating what looks like an accident. This will still cause some reputation damage, but will  not have the catastrophic effects of purposely throwing water on someone.




Since this ability gives players the ability to almost-freely disrupt a girl’s schedule and move her to a place they can be killed, it won’t be unlocked from the start. The developer is still deciding how Yandere-chan will pick up this ability in-game, and is also developing consequences if players use the ability too much. Powerful rivals will also be able to dodge this attack.




The bucket will also have uses to frame someone for murder by splashing blood on them in the future. Gasoline can also be put into the bucket, and the developer has also added matches to the game’s item list. If fire doesn’t interest the player, they can also load dumbbells in the bucket, dropping them on someone from a rooftop.

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