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Bugs Vs. Tanks!, The Multiplayer Insect Shooting Game Made By Keiji Inafune


    bugsvta1 Onimusha creator Keiji Inafune is working with Level-5 on a Guild 02 title. Bugs vs. Tanks! lets players drive a teeny tiny tank that has to defeat comparatively giant insects. Players can create a tank using 30 different frame/turret type and 80 paint jobs.


    Bugs vs. Tanks! has different kinds of pets to target like flies, spiders, and of course oversized ants. The game also supports up to four people in a multiplayer mode.


    Bugs vs. Tanks! will be released as a downloadable game for Nintendo 3DS on March 19 in Japan. Level-5 hasn’t said anything about an international release, but trademarks hint we’re going to see at least some of Guild 02’s games outside of Japan.


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