Build-A-Bear Stores Will Soon Be Getting A Cute And Cuddly Eevee Plush



Late last year, it was announced that a customizable Pikachu plush would be available at Build-A-Bear stores across the country. Now, beginning on September 1st, an Eevee plush will be available to customers in the US, UK, and Canada.



eevee-build-a-bear-1-656x656 eevee-build-a-bear-2

The standard Eevee will cost about $28.00, though you can buy an exclusive online version which includes a a cape, sleeper, and an Eevee 5-in-1 sound chip for a total of $62.00. The cape and sound chip are only available in the online version, though the Pokéball-print sleeper will be in stores for $12.50. In addition, both the online and in-store plushes will come with a special Pokémon Trading Card Game card.

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