Sony has been working on a PlayStation Network game called Elefunk for awhile, but it wasn’t clear what kind of game it was. The only clue was the game would have elephants. I imagined a cartoon elephant platformer and was completely wrong. Elefunk is all about building bridges so you can move a group of elephants from one floating land mass to the next. The catch is, as we all know, elephants are heavy. These bridges need to be sturdy enough for the massive mammal to cross one side to the next. There is an online mode too, which is like Jenga except with an elephant holding structure. Whoever makes the tower with the adorable elephants fall loses.




The package also includes a bonus mini game with an elephant Evil Knievel launching off a ramp on to a bullseye. Cute. Elefunk costs slightly more than a PsOne game at 800 yen ($7.50) when it comes out on July 10 in Japan. A North American release is likely to follow soon if Elefunk doesn't appear on this week's PlayStation Store update.


Images courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment.

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