Build A Tavern To Serve Your Orc Guests In Orcish Inn



There are human inns for our human friends, but where are the orc inns for all your orc friends? No longer will this travesty remain, as upcoming orc tavern simulator Orcish Inn will finally let you build a place for you to serve your orc friends a pint of bitter.


German developer Steven Colling is working on Orcish Inn (which is currently in alpha) by himself, apart from his sound designer and musician Tilmann Hars. He’s just put the game up on Steam Greenlight in hopes of attracting some “Yes” votes.


But why would you want to play an orc tavern simulator? Well, think of it as a very mini Harvest Moon type of game. You start off by building your tavern tile-by-tile, putting in some homey decorations, and generally making it inviting. But to get it up and running you have to do some farming.


Yep, you’ll need to grow crops in order to eventually turn them into the freshest beer in the surrounding forest. During this, you’ll need to keep an eye on how wet and nutrient-rich the soil is, as well as ensure plants are as densely populated or adequately separated as they require.



As you brew the beer, you can affect how it will taste, and how strong it will be – I’m guessing that orcs like it to knock them flat. As the guests arrive in the evening, you’ll then need to serve them, play tavern games with them, and ensure that you’re friendly and provide quick service.


Beyond that, Orcish Inn also has other activities that involve trudging through swamps, fishing, and exploring the forest. You do this to make sure you have the resources you need to stay healthy and warm during the harsher weather that the seasons bring.


So, yes, Orcish Inn is quite a detailed little game, going all out on its orc tavern simulation with detail that can be admired. The plan is to release it for Windows in early 2015, with Mac and Linux versions coming soon after, with also modding compatibility too.

Chris Priestman