Build Your Own World In Sandbox Game Uemu



UemeU (Which stands for You-Me-You) was a game Siliconera checked out at GDC earlier this year. It now has an unveiling trailer to explain its concepts to players.


uemeu_-_building uemeu_-_desert_tavern1

There are two “modes” to the game, either as a creator (left), or a player. In creator mode, you’ll be able to generate your own world, items, quests, abilities and more. When we scoped them out, the devs had made a couple of worlds based off Studio Ghibli’s Totoro as well as South Park.



You’ll then be able to open up that world to players, who can join in and create their own avatars. The game intends for full customizability, including modding.



There’s also a fresh batch of screenshots to check out below.


uemeu_-_desert_tavern3 uemeu_-_floating_islands2

uemeu_-_instruments uemeu_-_robots

uemeu_-_skypantheon uemeu_-_spaceship

uemeu_-_tron_world uemeu_-_tronparkour


UemeU is in public alpha on PC right now. You can visit the game’s official website here.