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Bullet Girls’ First Wave of DLC Adds Bananas, Cat Paws, And Navigation Girls


0074 shows us what’s included in Bullet Girls’ first wave of DLC.


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The Choco-Banana and Cat Paw items are new interrogation items, a feature that trains the Ranger Corps girls in how to resist enemy interrogation tactics. We’ve also seen some pretty strange items, like… fermented beans and cockroaches in our earlier report. These items cost 200 yen, each.


In Bullet Girls, there’s a character by the name Meika Hoshikawa who is the advisor of the Ranger Corps. While she’s the default navigation character, who helps out in the story with results and updates, the DLC adds alternate characters for the role.


These characters can also be “touched” whenever they’re on the screen helping you out. Here’s a look at the new characters, who were previously just members of the Ranger Corps. They each go for 150 yen.


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Aya Hinomoto

7 8

Yurina Kanezono

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Remi Kishino

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Minagi Kamishiro

13 14

Rumi Yukishiro

17 18

Saki Amamine

15 16

Aki Saotome

19 20

Mai Doiuchi

9 10

Tsukiyo Takanashi


There are also extra voices that can be purchased for 300 yen, along with a special pack that features all the navigational characters for 1,000  yen for all nine girls.


The first wave of Bullet Girls’ DLC will launch on August 21 when the game is released in Japan for PlayStation Vita.

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