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Bullet Girls Phantasia Has Orcs With Guns, A Cute Dragon Mascot, And Questionable Mushrooms



D3 Publisher shared the latest on Bullet Girls Phantasia with a batch of new screenshots and details for its cute dragon mascot “Chibi,” a group of armed Orcs, questionable mushrooms, and more.


Chibi (CV: Mayu Harumiya)


A mysterious baby dragon that the Ranger Club members encounter in the other world. He becomes a mascot character-figure for the Ranger Club in the other world. After Aya named it “Chibi” it has taken to her as a parent.




Chibi appears to understand humans but only responds with a cute sound; however, when Haldina looked into its feelings, she discovered that it had some pretty nasty nicknames for Saki, Remi, and Tsukiyo.


Armed Orcs


005 006

007 008


An army of Orcs wielding modern weapons suddenly appear before the Ranger club. They’re different from the regular green Orcs and appear to be highly intelligent. Not only do they have firearms, but they’ll also attack the girls using tanks and helicopters.


Tiger I Variant & Apache Helicopter Variant



010 011


The above is a look at the Tiger I Variant and Apache Helicopter Variant that are used by the Orcs. The performance of these vehicles are basically the same as their real world counterparts, and they can attack from a distance. Since these vehicles pack an explosive punch, you’ll want to get rid of them first when they appear with other enemies.


Change things up with costumes changes


016 017

In Bullet Girls Phantasia you’ll get to change the outfits of the girls from the Ranger Club as well as the maidens from the fantasy world. That means you can make the Ranger Club girls look like mages or have the fantasy world characters dress up in their school uniforms. Since the costumes and head pieces are separate parts, you’ll get to mix and match to your liking.


By meeting certain conditions you’ll get to purchase special costumes. These can be used during missions or any part of the game.




The above is a look at the “Halter Neck Sweater” that is described as the “popular sweater that kills DTs. Dts being ‘Dangerous Teki’ (teki = enemy).” DT is also short for “doutei” (virgin), so you get the idea.


Here are a couple school swimsuit outfits:





Extra Missions



There are 25 Extra Missions that are separate from the main story. You’ll get special event scenes before and after the Extra Missions that range from serious battlefield flashbacks from the people of the fantasy world or silly conversations between the fantasy world folks and the Ranger Club members.


You can check out some of the scenes below:


025 029

026 027



Interrogation Item – Underworld Mushrooms


033  034


While exploring the Midgard Forest in search of ingredients, the Ranger Club girls discover a new kind of Matsutake mushroom known as the Underworld Mushroom. These mushrooms aren’t affected by heat and never go soft so they couldn’t use it as food. However, its liquid seems to provide an attack power buff when used during Interrogation Training. Unfortunately it has no effect in Reverse Interrogation Training but you can always use it during the regular Interrogation Training and the Double Interrogation Training sessions.


Here are some more Interrogation Items from the fantasy world that you’ll get to use for… training purposes:


Orc Underwear



Orc Stew



Slime Pie



Bullet Girls Phantasia releases in Japan on August 9, 2018 along with an Asia version with English subs on the same day for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Check out our previous report for a look at its latest gameplay trailer.

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