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Bullet Girls Phantasia’s Gameplay Trailer Highlights Its Action With Gun And Magic



D3 Publisher released a new trailer for Bullet Girls Phantasia that highlights the action part of the game that sends the girls from the Ranger Club into an alternate fantasy world of sword and magic.


This time around, the setting is in a fantasy world and you’ll fight against monsters like orcs and slimes that come at you in big numbers. While it is set in a fantasy world, you’ll have access to modern day weapons like rifles and shotguns while playing as the Ranger Club girls but you’ll also get to fight with swords and spells when playing as the girls from the fantasy world.


In case you missed it, we previously got to check out the game’s Interrogation Training as well as a new kind of training with the Reverse Interrogation Training.


Bullet Girls Phantasia releases in Japan on August 9, 2018 along with an Asia version with English subs on the same day for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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