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Bullet Girls Is Pretty Much Sengan Kagura: Modern Warfare



We reported that Onechanbara makers, D3 Publisher, is working with Assault Gunners developers Shade to work on an upcoming high school girl action game called Bullet Girls, where the girls will be using weapons like rifles, shotguns, and recoilless rifles. Famitsu gives us a first look at the game.


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According to Famitsu, Bullet Girls is a game about the battlefield of friendship and tears. The PlayStation Vita shooting game puts you in control of girls will be taking on all kinds of missions that will come with a side of… sexy elements.


The high school girls are part of the Ranger Corps, where they’ll be learning about necessary military tactics and actions. They will help each other out, at times and occasionally fight amongst each other, as they learn to become better soldiers.


l_5369b0b7a4ff3Aya Hinomoto, a hard worker who always thinks positively is pictured above. She was originally going to be part of the Relief Department, but she messed up on her application and put Ranger Corps instead.


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When the girls are out there in the battlefield, there will be different areas with various objectives such as defeat all foes, head to the destination, retrieve this item, and many others as part of their duties.


The members of the Rangers Corps will occasionally battle each other. Similar to the Senran Kagura games, taking damage will result in getting clothes destruction. There will be cut scenes for this feature, including 39 different sequences that vary depending on how much damage you take and what parts of the body gets damaged.



Similar to the Senran Kagura games, again, there will also be a… groping feature. But don’t worry, there are no inappropriate thoughts since it’s all part of a special military training to help the girls learn to resist against interrogation, should they ever find themselves in the… hands of the enemy.


Only those who carry out “high duties” can get a chance to participate in this highly special interrogation resistance training.


Bullet Girls is slated for release on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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