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Bullet Girls Shows More Guns, Panties, And Bouncy Battlefield Action



D3 Publisher and Assault Gunners developers Shade are working on a high school girl action game, Bullet Girls, that looks like the lovechild of Senran Kagura and Call of Duty. Famitsu shows us how the girls will be fighting in the girls-only shooter.


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As previously reported, the high school girls in Bullet Girls are part of the Ranger Corps, where they’ll be learning about necessary military tactics and actions. The missions will consist of two characters that are in the “Attacker” or “Supporter” categories.


The Attackers are the ones who are controlled by the characters and fight in the frontline. Meanwhile, the Supporters help out by providing strategic hints and other ways to help.


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The weapons used in the mock battles consist of handguns, rifles, bazookas, shotguns, and grenades. It might seem a bit dangerous for the young girls, but no worries, they’re filled with blank bullets that are probably only good for tearing off clothing.


Characters can hold up to four different weapons, which you can exchange between missions.


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You might encounter various vehicles such as tanks, armored vehicles, and choppers during the missions. These vehicles can do quite the damage, so they’ll require a different approach than your average opponents in the battlefield.


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Dodge-rolling and taking cover is an important part of survival against other soldiers and vehicles. While this is a crucial part of survival in any other shooter, you can probably see the other… benefits, for yourself.


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The above is a look at some of the maps there are in Bullet Girls, ranging from school yards to desert areas.


As previously reported, the game features up to 39 different sequences of clothes that tear off when characters take damage. Here’s a close look at what you can expect to see in the battlefield:


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If you’re wondering about the undergarments of these girls, there’s an impressive collection of them in the game, with enough to make combinations of 1,600 different patterns with bras and panties:


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And of course it wouldn’t be a Senra- er Bullet Girls without a groping feature. This is a special training that is just for teaching the girls how to resist against enemy interrogations, nothing else!


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Bullet Girls is slated for release on August 28, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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