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Bullet Time Will “Help Out” In Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes’ Open World



In a demo playthrough of the next-gen Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Zeroes, 4Gamer was caught while sneaking through a garage by a surprised guard. One new addition to the MGSV world will be bullet time–which slows the world down while leaving players unaffected, which, said producer Korekado Yuji, will make it potentially possible to neutralize such threats.


In the playthrough, Snake utilized Bullet Time to silently headshot a guard that had already spotted him despite the classic Metal Gear “!” exclamation mark popping up, eliminating the cause of what would otherwise have blown his stealthy advance through the base.


Series creator Hideo Kojima later noted that while the demo had toned-down AI, the use of bullet time would “help out” in the game’s open world sections as well, but did not elaborate further.


More information on Ghost Zeroes will be released at Tokyo Game Show later this month.