With Persona 5’s release just about a month away in Japan, more and more information and gameplay footage of the game has been released. Now, thanks to a YouTube user named dominationkid w., fans can now enjoy a lot of recent footage with English subtitles.


The videos range from battle gameplay and “All-Out-Attacks” featuring an assortment of the main characters, watching sports with Ryuji, and also a recording from a livestream following the character as he explores Yongenchaya and takes part in an art museum heist.


Fishing at Ichigaya:


Persona summoning:


Morgana TV commercial:


Ryuji’s All-Out-Attack:


Ann’s All-Out-Attack:


Protagonist’s All-Out-Attack:


Yusuke’s All-Out-Attack:


Makoto’s All-Out-Attack:


Makoto TV commercial:


Watching sports with Ryuji:


Gameplay walkthrough:


Persona 5 will release for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 15th and worldwide on February 14th 2017.


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