Bunnies Face Brutal Ends With Bottomless Cheer In Everything Is Going To Be Ok



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Everything is going to be OK is a collection of stories, mini games, and interactive moments that are meant to show the healing power of humor, doing so by having bunnies face horrifying situations with bottomless cheer.


Bunnies may find themselves impaled, their limbs cut off, boiling in lava, or embarrassing themselves in awkward situations across the game’s multiple games and events, which are separated into pages. Players may find themselves answering strange questionnaires, creating artwork, or making decisions about their newfound miseries on social media, working through increasingly absurd situations with their actions.

Everything is going to be OK looks to show the power of humor through these moments. The game demonstrates that there is a ridiculousness at work in even the most cruel of fates, and that looking at it through a lens of hyperactive, silly animals who face everything with a smile no matter how painful it is, there is a healing power in that laughter.


Everything is going to be OK is available now on GameJolt and

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